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Why You Should Pay Attention to the Length of Screw Piles

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Screw piles are very popular because of several reasons, such as their ease of installation. However, one needs to buy screw piles of the correct length in order to enjoy the full benefits that those screw piles offer to the homeowners who use them to support the foundations of their homes. This article discusses why you should pay special attention to the length of the screw piles that you buy for your outdoor shed.

Different Areas Have Different Frost Lines

Each area that receives snow during the cold months of the year has a specific frost line. The frost line refers to how deep the ground freezes during the coldest months of the year. Information about the frost line of your area can be obtained from the local authorities.

Assume that the frost line in your area is five feet. Would you buy a five-foot screw pile? How would you measure that screw pile? Some people measure the entire length of the screw pile in order to confirm that it will be appropriate for the frost line in their area. This may not be the right way to do it. It is better to measure the screw pile from the top of the helical blade on that screw pile. The section below the helical blade should be regarded as the portion that should exceed the frost line in your area.

In simple terms, the screw pile should penetrate beyond the frost line. Buying a screw pile that is the exact length of the frost line will mean that it will not go beyond the expected frost zone.

Some Part Has to Be Above Grade

People usually install screw piles during warm weather. The ground is usually at its normal level when it is warm. It is advisable to install the screw pile and leave some of its length above grade. Those few inches that you leave above grade will accommodate the magnitude of heaving that the ground will undergo when winter sets in. Ask the building authorities in your area to recommend how many inches of the screw pile should be left above grade. Those extra inches should also be considered as you select the correct length of screw piles to buy for your project.

As you can see, each application will require a different length of screw pile. You should therefore gather relevant information (such as the frost line) about your area so that you pick the screw piles that will be long enough for that climate zone.


3 August 2016