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We loved our house from the first time we went through, but it really didn't have enough living space. We have worked on improving the layout of the home and increasing the living area of the home to create a modern and more pleasant layout to the home. We are really proud of how the job has turned out and we wanted to share some of the details of how the extension and layout changes where designed and constructed. This blog has some of the photos of our extension as well as tips that we have learnt along the journey,.

Benefits of Having a Precast Concrete Commercial Building

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If you are looking to have a commercial building built, you might currently be in the beginning planning stages. One thing to decide early on is what materials to use for your commercial building. Concrete is becoming a popular option, especially in terms of precast concrete. This includes building elements that are made beforehand in a factory, then transported to the building site to complete the structure. Here are some benefits of using this method.

The Building is Constructed Quickly 

You probably don't want to wait a long time for the building to be completed, which is a good reason to consider precast concrete. Since the elements of the building are done in a controlled environment, it can be done more quickly. It is all indoors, so there aren't any delays due to weather or climate conditions, or having extra labour help to complete the construction. Once the components arrive on-site, they have been casted already and simply need to be assembled for a strong, sturdy, and durable building.

You Can Save Money

If you want to cut costs a little, precast concrete is a great way to do that. Concrete is already a fairly affordable material, but when the pieces are constructed in a factory, it is a controlled process so less labour hours are required. With less labour required, you aren't paying as much for the work to be done. You also get the building built in less time once the components arrive on-site, so your contractor won't charge you as much to complete the building either.

Quality is Controlled

Aside from cost and speed, another major benefit of having a controlled process for precast concrete buildings is that the quality can be controlled. When you are building a concrete building, or any building for that matter, on-site, there is a risk that mistakes happen. The work on-site isn't supervised as uniformly as when components are being built in a factory. There are distractions, weather conditions to deal with, and any number of things that can go wrong. With precast concrete processes, everything is very closely watched so that you get high-quality, durable concrete for your building.

Concrete Buildings Are Energy-Efficient

One thing to note about precast concrete buildings is that they are more energy-efficient and friendly to the environment. The concrete provides natural insulation, which helps to reduce both heating and cooling costs inside the building. The concrete is also recyclable and considered a sustainable material, so if renovations are ever done, the concrete that si removed from the building can then be recycled and used again.


5 August 2016