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We loved our house from the first time we went through, but it really didn't have enough living space. We have worked on improving the layout of the home and increasing the living area of the home to create a modern and more pleasant layout to the home. We are really proud of how the job has turned out and we wanted to share some of the details of how the extension and layout changes where designed and constructed. This blog has some of the photos of our extension as well as tips that we have learnt along the journey,.

7 Safety Factors to Consider When Getting a Tipper Truck for Your Construction Project


Tipper trucks are important equipment in any construction project; they facilitate delivery of construction materials and removal of waste materials to and from the construction site. Hiring a tip truck is most advisable for those whose projects don't last long enough to justify the cost of purchasing one. When doing this, you must consider a number of safety factors to ensure that you derive maximum benefit from the truck that you get, since there are many types and sizes.

A construction site is rife with inherent dangers, from uneven terrain to heavily loaded equipment. In addition, trucks have been the cause of many major accidents on roads, which is why it's important to ensure that your truck has the appropriate safety mechanisms to protect the driver, passengers, by-standers and other road users at all times. Some of these features include:

  • Speed governing – installing an electronic or mechanical speed governor will help regulate the speed of the vehicle in transit and prevent dangers associated with speeding like not being able to stop on time in case of an emergency. Nonetheless, ensure that the maximum speed the truck can achieve (when loaded) is ideal for your own project so that your timelines are not delayed.
  • Tailgate protection – trucks with tailgate protectors will sustain less cabin damage in case of collision, whether head-to-head or head-to-tail. In addition, having a tailgate assist unit can help to lower the tailgate safely during loading and unloading, avoiding crashes that could injure a person standing at the wrong place.
  • Blind-spot mirrors – trucks often have blind spots close to the bumper and in other places depending on truck size. Installing mirrors to improve visibility for the driver can help prevent accidents
  • Seatbelt sensor – this lights up or beeps to tell the driver whether or not the seatbelts have been fastened
  • Double-brakes – newer models of trucks have two brakes installed, one acting as a failsafe in the event of a malfunction in the main braking system
  • Reflectors – the truck should be fitted with reflectors on every side to improve night-time visibility to other road users
  • Side impact protection – this is made possible by having seat-mounted or side-curtain airbags that are activated during sideways impact or in a roll-over situation. The bags are fitted above the door along the interior roof line to protect the driver and passenger's heads. You can check for trucks that have a switch to turn on the side airbags so that they are not triggered needlessly during high-impact manoeuvres such as off-road transit.

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11 August 2016