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We loved our house from the first time we went through, but it really didn't have enough living space. We have worked on improving the layout of the home and increasing the living area of the home to create a modern and more pleasant layout to the home. We are really proud of how the job has turned out and we wanted to share some of the details of how the extension and layout changes where designed and constructed. This blog has some of the photos of our extension as well as tips that we have learnt along the journey,.

A Few Simple Reminders When Choosing Bi-Fold Doors for an Exterior Space

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Bi-fold doors for an exterior space can mean allowing in the most light and air when the doors are opened and having an unobstructed view of the outside. These types of doors are good for patios or for any inside room that you want to look bigger, brighter and more expansive. When you're ready to choose bi-fold doors, note a few reminders. This will ensure you get the right type and style for your home and are happy with the choice for years to come.

Frame material

The material of the frame needs to be considered carefully; wood frames can give a space a traditional and homey look, but wood needs to be sanded, painted or stained regularly throughout the years and also needs regular sealing to keep it from rotting or chipping. Aluminium is a good choice for something lightweight; if your home is older and has weakened wood around the walls, you might opt for aluminium so you don't need to brace up the building materials in order to support the door.

You might be careful about choosing PVC in white unless your walls are painted stark white; it might look a bit cheap and industrial against any other colour. Black can be a good choice to offset a white wall or help to tone down the look of traditional brick, but it might also make the frame of the doors seem heavier than you expect. Exercise caution about choosing these extremes in colour for your bi-fold doors.

Number of frames

Bi-fold doors usually can be made in a variety of sizes to fit your wall in particular, which means you can choose the number of frames your door will have. Keep in mind that the more frames to your door, the more your view will be blocked; if you want a good view of the garden or water outside your door, choose the least number of frames possible.

On the other hand, the fewer the frames, the larger each panel will be. When the door is folded in order to be opened, those wide panels will take up more space and might get in the way of foot traffic; this is especially true if you only fold and open a few frames and don't push the entire door flat against a wall. Take measurements of the space and note how much space the door panels will take up when opened and balance this against the amount of frames you need for a good view of the outside.


17 August 2016