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Foundation Repair Options That You Could Consider

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For most people, their home is considered an investment. Not only is this one of the biggest purchases that you will make, but keeping it in good condition means making a considerable profit if you decide to sell it. One of the challenges that you may face as a homeowner is foundation repair. A weak foundation or one that is deteriorating is not safe as it makes the home unstable. As such, any foundation problems that one encounters should be attended to as fast as possible. Foundation repairs should be attended to by professionals such as piling contractors to ensure that they are fixed appropriately. Here are some of the foundation repair options that you could consider.

Foundation repair through concrete piers

This type of foundation repair entails the creation of new concrete foundation. The process involves the erection of columns, which are put in place to support the entire foundation of the structure. Concrete piers tend to be a popular choice for homeowners as not only is this method less expensive, but it is also very effective in repairing foundation.

Foundation repair using concrete pilings

These structures are similar to concrete piers but they tend to be use in a different manner. Whereas concrete piers are poured into holes to support the foundations, concrete pilings are located beneath the foundation of the structure. Concrete pilings are already ready-made thus making them a sturdy, cost effective option.

Foundation repair using steel pilings

These are similar to concrete pilings however, the difference is these pilings are made from steel. Steel is a popular option for foundation repair as this material is quite durable. Steel is less likely to succumb to the wear and tear that comes about from erosion and more. As such, they are a longer lasting option. One needs to note though that since steel pilings are so durable they also tend to be more expensive than concrete.

Foundation repair using chemical injections

If you are looking for a preventative option so as to reduce the risk of extensive foundation repairs through water damage, then you should consider chemical injections. With this option, chemicals are injected into the soil that surrounds the foundation of your home. The most commonly used chemicals are potassium ions and other water-soluble chemicals such as ammonium salts. The chemicals work towards ensuring that the soil does not absorb water thus ensuring that your foundation is protected from any water related damages.


25 August 2016