Building a new extension

We loved our house from the first time we went through, but it really didn't have enough living space. We have worked on improving the layout of the home and increasing the living area of the home to create a modern and more pleasant layout to the home. We are really proud of how the job has turned out and we wanted to share some of the details of how the extension and layout changes where designed and constructed. This blog has some of the photos of our extension as well as tips that we have learnt along the journey,.

Pros and Cons of Three Roofing Options for Mobile Homes

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If your mobile home needs a new roof, you may be wondering which type of roof to consider. There are several different options with varying pros and cons related to all of them. Here's a look at three of the most popular options and what to consider while making your decision:

1. Rubber Membrane


Rubber membranes are often used in commercial roofing applications, but these membranes also work perfectly for trailer homes. They are relatively inexpensive, and they can be stretched over existing metal or shingle roof. They form a safe, watertight seal.


Rubber membranes don't look as stylish as some other options. Additionally, they don't last as long as metal. In hot climates, they can help repel UV rays, but they don't add much insulation for cold weather protection. That can make this option limiting if you live in an area with four seasons.

2. Asphalt Shingles


Shingles or asphalt tiles give your mobile home the look of a traditional home. They are ideal for relatively new mobile homes with pitched roofs and attic spaces. Shingles are also more sound absorbent than metal or rubber, and that can be important when you are living in a small space.


If you plan to move the home on a regular basis, shingles are the heaviest option, and that can add to your fuel useage on the road. Additionally, shingle tiles don't last as long as metal roofing.

3. Metal Roofing


Metal roofing is a lightweight option that is ideal for people who move their mobile homes. If you don't plan to move your home, metal roofing can be placed directly over shingles, helping you to save money on roofing removal costs. Additionally, you can have a lot of fun with different colours or patterns, especially when you opt to use Colorbond roofing. Finally, metal roofing lasts a long time, meaning if you buy a metal roof, it's likely to last the lifespan of your home.


Unfortunately, metal roofing can be more expensive than the other options. It's also important to consider that in some cases, metal roofs made of galvanised steel can last up to 60 years or more, but in contrast, a mobile home is only likely to last about 55 years. In most cases, it doesn't make sense to spend extra money on a roof that is going to last longer than the home so you have to make sure you choose a type of metal roofing that will protect your home during its lifetime, but not be a wasted investment that's going to last longer than the home itself.



29 September 2016