Building a new extension

We loved our house from the first time we went through, but it really didn't have enough living space. We have worked on improving the layout of the home and increasing the living area of the home to create a modern and more pleasant layout to the home. We are really proud of how the job has turned out and we wanted to share some of the details of how the extension and layout changes where designed and constructed. This blog has some of the photos of our extension as well as tips that we have learnt along the journey,.

3 Budget-Friendly Alternatives To Solid Timber Flooring


Timber floors are an enduringly popular choice for Australian home-owners. They bring warmth and a sense of natural beauty to a home, and they're at home in practically every style of décor. Unfortunately, solid hard-wood timber flooring also comes with a fairly hefty price tag, which may be out of reach for many people. If you love the look of timber flooring but aren't in a financial situation to be able to afford the real thing, then here are three budget-friendly options for you to consider.

1. Engineered timber flooring

Engineered timber flooring is created by adhering a thin veneer of genuine timber on to a backing layer of plywood. This type of flooring allows you to have the genuine feel and finish of solid timber without the expense. The boards are pre-finished and easy to lay. They simply clip together in place using a tongue and groove system.

Engineered timber flooring is great for use as a floating floor, which means it can be installed directly onto any clean, flat surface. This means they don't need a timber support structure underneath them, which further reduces the overall cost compared to solid timber flooring.

2. Laminate timber-look flooring

Laminate timber flooring uses modern printing technology to create a photographic reproduction of the timber flooring of choice. These high quality prints are then securely attached to a solid backing board which is usually made from high density fibreboard or plywood.

Once sealed to make it water and stain resistant, laminate timber flooring is difficult to differentiate from the real thing. Like engineered timber flooring, laminate flooring is ideal for use as a floating floor. It also uses the same tongue and groove system for installation and can be used on a variety of surfaces with ease.

3. Bamboo flooring

Bamboo flooring is an increasingly popular option. Not only is it inexpensive when compared to solid timber flooring, it's also a highly sustainable and environmentally-friendly option. Bamboo is a rapid growth resource and is completely renewable, unlike many hardwood trees which may take many decades to grow.

Although bamboo doesn't perfectly reproduce the look of solid timber in the way that engineered and laminate timber flooring does, it's still a very stylish and attractive finish. The bamboo provides the warmth of colour and feeling of earthiness that timber does and comes in a wide variety of shades.

Installing new flooring on a limited budget doesn't mean that you also need to compromise on style. With these three attractive and affordable options readily available from your local flooring specialist, you're bound to find the right style and finish of flooring that's within your budget.


30 September 2016