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Why You Need an Up-To-Date Survey before Buying Commercial Land

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If you want to buy a piece of commercial property with an eye on future development, you'll want to ensure that you go about it the right way and do not run into any problems in the future. After all, you want to protect not only your investment but any future spending and need to avoid any objections or other issues that may come along. In this case, you should begin your journey with a proper survey so that you know exactly what you're about to buy and can get the title without issue. Why is a fresh survey so important, though, and is it not possible to use some older documentation?

The Need for the Latest Information

In almost every case, up-to-date information is critical when trying to close any complex land transaction. Indeed, some title companies will reject any out-of-date information or data that does not meet their particular standard. If you want to raise money to either purchase or develop the property, your lender may also require a survey that has been performed recently. Furthermore, the insurance company may also have a say in this matter before they consider raising a policy.

Points of Reference

Even if there is evidence of a recent survey, you need to ensure that the company that originally performed the work is still accessible. If they are no longer in business, then title companies and other interested parties may reject the documentation. If they cannot get in touch with the individual that carried out the survey, they may not be able to field any questions or confirm the validity of the work.

Uncovering Changes

It's always best to survey immediately before a purchase in any case, as it could reveal any recent changes that may have taken place. While the property may be undeveloped, the perimeter may have been affected by a geological event of some kind, and you'll always want the latest data for your forward planning purposes anyway.

Other Advantages

When you work with an experienced land surveying company, they will be able to use the latest survey equipment, such as 3-D laser scanning and other technology. This will help them create a very accurate record that may help you with title companies, lenders and insurance brokers and may make it easier for you to plan your future development. Get in touch with a land surveyor today to start the ball rolling and get the most accurate data possible.

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7 March 2022