Advice on How to Clear a Blocked Toilet


Having blocked toilet drains in your home can be big source of frustration because they look messy and smell awful. Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to prevent these problems from occurring since you can't always tell when exactly they're bound to arise. Here are a few handy ways to help clear a toilet clog. Attack the problem armed with a plunger. A plunger is probably the most obvious tool used to effectively solve many clogged toilet issues.

6 November 2015

Why Polycarbonate Roofing Is Perfect For Your Deck Or Patio Cover


In the past, polycarbonate roofing was commonly used on domestic garden structures such as greenhouses and sheds. Advances in technology and an increase in stylish profiles and colour have recently seen polycarbonate roofing become a popular and aesthetically appealing option for deck and patio coverings. There are many reasons why polycarbonate roofing from a company like KFC Roofing Supplies Pty Ltd is an excellent choice for your deck or patio. Increased natural light

5 November 2015

Winterising Gutters | 3 Inspired Steps To Prep Your Gutters for the Onset of Winter

Construction & Contractors Blog

Preparing your home for winter starts with the top of your house and continues downwards. You'll need to ensure that your roofs and gutters are well-prepared to tackle the onset of the winter chill. Gutter cleaning is the perfect first step to get your roof plumbing in good shape before the cold chill starts clamping down on your home. Here are some great steps to help you prepare and winterise your gutters.

29 July 2015

4 Reasons You Should Get Double Glazed Windows For Your Business


When it comes to getting windows for any type of property, you have the option of seeking single glazing or double glazing. Double glazed windows have two glass panes as opposed to the traditional one pane. The two separate glass panes are fitted inside a single frame so the window installation process is just like that of any normal window. If you are renovating or constructing your commercial premises, there are some great advantages to having double glazed windows.

15 July 2015

4 Plumbing Jobs That Are Best Left to a Professional, and Why


Not all plumbing problems in a home require a visit from a professional plumber, as a homeowner can often unclog a kitchen sink or change the washer of a faucet on their own with a few simple tools. However, a homeowner should avoid becoming overly ambitious when it comes to plumbing repairs, as poor workmanship can lead to greater plumbing problems down the road, and an even more expensive repair bill.

9 June 2015

The Benefits of Roof Trusses


Roof trusses are pre-assembled units of webbed timber pieces used to support the roof of a building. The trusses are manufactured offsite and hoisted onto the roof once the contractor reaches the roofing stage of the project. This article discusses the benefits of using trusses instead of rafters (large planks of timber that are assembled onsite to hold the roof). Fewer Internal Walls Needed Buildings constructed using rafters require many weight-bearing walls in order to take some of the stress off the rafters.

8 June 2015